Ordo Novocastria

Odfrdo NovOocastriardo Novocastria

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Ordo Novocastria (the Ordo) is an international (not) for-profit organization, united fraternally by a dashingly moustached colonialist spirit. The Ordo is based upon on the noble precepts of truth, justice, good sportsmanship, monarchist rhetoric, and cucumber sandwiches for afternoon tea.

The executive presides over a Club that combines a "bohemian" spirit with Victorian values. In this respect, the Club was based upon an appreciation of music, art, drama, science, philosophy, literature and contemporary culture. This is of course gentleman-speak for Role-playing Games, War-Games, Board-games, Card-Games, PC Gaming, Anime, Cult Movies, Angry Music, Talking nonsense whilst sipping latte’s at ones local Café, and any other subversive activities that over-educated fringe-dwellers enjoy.


Headquartered in NSW Australia, the core aim of the Ordo Novocastria is to give the random subversive elements lurking around Newcastle (and the nation) an opportunity to discuss topics they feel passionate about, and to locate other weirdoes to chat to, play games with, and/or simply hang-out with. To this end, an online forum was created, artwork was commissioned, and a small number of Role-players gathered together in an attempt to generate a sense of genuine ‘community’. Thus far it is progressing swimmingly.

Our members (Associates, Fellows and even the Woman’s Auxiliary) are truly a family that work hard to better our communities and those communities associated with (or assimilated into) the commonwealth. 


Membership has its privileges.